Sweep Bank - Coming soon!

Your Ferratum Wallet will soon become Sweep Bank. Don't miss out on an opportunity to grow with us.


Level UP your mobile banking

Introducing the world's first smart bank. Leverage credit, build your wealth, and take control of your finances.

Instant satisfaction

Get your free bank account and instant virtual debit card for safe shopping online, or in-person with contactless payment.

Build your wealth

Intelligent automatic saving helps build your financial buffer while earning top interest with every euro in your account.

What happens to my Ferratum app?

Sweep is a new brand that thrives under Ferratum's umbrella. The app is still being developed by the very same people. Also, this means that there are no changes to any of the contracts or agreements you made when creating your Ferratum account.

Why Sweep?

As we are getting ready to launch our service in new countries, we re-thought our purpose and goals. We decided that this rebirth calls for a new name - hence, Sweep was born. We're here to sweep your financial worries away.

Do I have to switch to Sweep?

Yes. We will say goodbye to the Ferratum app in order to focus our efforts in making Sweep the world's best mobile bank. However, switching to Sweep is as easy as updating the app on your phone. Your account information and balances will be transferred automatically and your login details remain the same. The main app features will also be the same.

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