Получи заём.

Стоит вопрос о покупке машины или ремонте? Получи решение по займу в считанные минуты.

Получи кредит в размере 4200 € на 4 года, ежемесячный платеж 122,49€, процентная ставка в год составляет 17%, плата за оформление 200€. ГПС составляет 18.83%. Общая возвращаемая сумма составляет 5815,90€. Пример основан на том, что кредит погашается вовремя. Занимай ответственно, объективно оценивая свои возможности погашения кредита! Услуга предоставлена компание Ferratum Bank p.l.c. Наш адрес: ST Business Centre 120, The Strand Gzira, GZR 1027, Malta. Регистрационный номер: C- 56251.

Stay on track.

Getting lost used to take a lot of time and energy whether taking a wrong turn in your own city or exploring somewhere new on vacation. Traveling with a smartphone, gives you options for how to best use your precious time. Want to make a detour to try a new coffee spot or do some shopping at a new electronics shop in town? Even shaving off time from your daily commute using real time data to get you home faster to spend some time with the kids or work on a backyard project.

How long will you wait?

No more waiting days for important documents, paychecks or news from a friend in the mailbox. Buying letters, stamps and going to the post office would take the better part of your afternoon and now you can check in with your family while commuting to work with a smartphone, tablet or smartwatch. Send “before” and “after” videos or photos of your autumn house projects and get immediate reactions or ask for help if you get into a major DIY dilemma.

You make the call.

The days are over hearing busy signals, memorizing phone numbers, paying long distance charges or hanging around at home waiting for an important phone call. Spend the time you want this season taking a long weekend getaway or plan a group dinner out at a new restaurant with your closest friends and enjoy the choice to connect or disconnect, all on your own terms.

Lending made easy.

Ferratum is a global financial service provider rooted in the Nordics, offering fast lending solutions with a clear, uncomplicated process and no hidden service fees. Banking made available to anyone, anywhere, at any time.

Prize competition rules

1. Organizer

The competition is organized by Ferratum Bank p.l.c. (hereinafter: "Organizer").

2. Participation

The competition is open to all persons over 18 years of age residing in Croatia, except for employees of the Organizer who are involved in the organization of this competition or their family members. The participant must "react" to the official prize announcement with the offered elements, ie in accordance with the instructions given by the organizer in the official prize announcement. Participation in the competition does not require ordering or purchasing a product or service. The deadline for applying for the prize competition expires at the time specified in the prize announcement of the Organizer. The organizer reserves the right to change the deadline for participation, and we will announce the winners on our Facebook page.

3. Prizes and winners

The prize of the creative competition is a one-time cash prize in the amount of € 500.00. The winner is the contestant who meets the requirements of the creative competition and whose photo, according to the choice of the Organizer, was selected as the most creative. The winner of the competition cannot change the prize he has won or pass it on to another person. If the winner cannot be contacted within one month of selecting the winner, the Organizer has the right to select a new winner. The organizer has the right to exclude participants from the competition who want to abuse the competition in order to adjust the results or increase the chances of winning. If the winner has acted contrary to these rules, or good practice, or otherwise unlawfully, he will be disqualified. The creative competition lasts from 15.07.2021. to 07/18/2021 or until the announcement of the winner. The creative competition is held on the official Instagram channel of the Organizer.

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