Получи заём.

Стоит вопрос о покупке машины или ремонте? Получи решение по займу в считанные минуты.

Получи кредит в размере 4200 € на 4 года, ежемесячный платеж 122,49€, процентная ставка в год составляет 17%, плата за оформление 200€. ГПС составляет 18.83%. Общая возвращаемая сумма составляет 5815,90€. Пример основан на том, что кредит погашается вовремя. Занимай ответственно, объективно оценивая свои возможности погашения кредита! Услуга предоставлена компание Ferratum Bank p.l.c. Наш адрес: ST Business Centre 120, The Strand Gzira, GZR 1027, Malta. Регистрационный номер: C- 56251.

Secret Santa.

Are you wanting to recreate the wonder of the Christmas’s you spent as a child with your own family this year or celebrate in a whole new way? This season is about doing what makes you happy and connecting with your friends and family. Get in the spirit with some holiday planning and channel some excitement for friends, family and yourself. Christmas shopping is just as fun as gift giving, so make this your tradition by listening to your favorite Christmas playlist, buy a festive drink and check off the wish list to Santa. Fill up your sleigh, get out there, and bring home some magic.

Born in the North, celebrated across the globe.

Start some new traditions from the land of Santa. Branch out this year with Nordic Christmas traditions from snowy, magical Finland. No Finnish Christmas is complete without the smells of cinnamon and spices, so try making your own Glögi. It is a warm, spiced drink made with wine or juice and infused with holiday flavors of cinnamon, fresh ginger and cardamom. Top yours with raisons, almonds and enjoy with homemade gingerbread cookies for a true Finnish experience this Christmas.

Give and get – vote for your favorite charity.

Spread joy, happiness and love to all this year. Pick your charity of choice and together we can make a difference in our own lives and for those in need. Ferratum will donate to the winning charity XXX on behalf of us all. Help us to help this Christmas season and cast your vote today!

Link to FB charity voting


We are about modern banking for modern life, whenever you would need that little extra financing comfortably and fast, so that the important projects and purchases you and your family needs won’t be put on hold.

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